What’s Happening at EAS? – 12/04/2019

Office Hours
Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

School Hours
Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

11 Happy Birthday, Austin Burgin
13 Happy Birthday, Denver Burgin
16 Happy Birthday, Gabrielle Foster
21 Happy Birthday, Bryson Humphries
22 Happy Birthday, Rachel Whalley
27 Happy Birthday, Caleb Pruitt
28 Happy Birthday, William McKenzie

Principal’s Points:
December’s fruit of the spirit is “kindness”. We hope to catch people at EAS in the act of being kind. That’s the new “cool” thing to do according to a t-shirt I saw so have a “Cool Yule” and throw kindness around like confetti!

This Sabbath is our ministry Sabbath at Spartanburg SDA Church. Come join us for the service and potluck afterwards. EAS families in worship and fellowship together–what a great combo!

This Sabbath December 7, all students in grades K-8 will participate in providing special music for the church service.
WHERE: Spartanburg SDA Church
REPORT TO: The choir room at the church (connected to the church office)
TIME: 10:15 am
Boys: White shirt, black pants
Girls: All black dress or black skirt/top
Boys: Regular church clothes (no shorts)
GIRLS: Regular church clothes (dress, shirt/top)
1) Use the bathroom and get a drink before reporting to the choir room
2) No gum
3) Please leave jackets, papers Bibles with your parents
4) We will follow the EAS Handbook regarding makeup, jewelry, and dress.
**After the final performance, all students will be dismissed to sit with their parents in the congregation.
**If you have any questions, please contact the school for further clarification. Thank you!

As a school, we have the opportunity to GIVE at this season of Thanksgiving. We have been approached by a care home to visit them and share some cheer over the holidays. Toiletries such as toothpaste, brushes, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and such personal items for the residents are requested. In the school office you can place these items if you would like to contribute. Teach your child to be a giver by helping please!

We never know when the snow or ice will begin. Here are the guidelines for EAS regarding school closures due to inclement weather:
Watch WSPA channel 7 for potential school closings. EAS does not automatically follow Spartanburg County. There are times the county closes for reasons that do not apply to us. However, the safety of our students and families are always of utmost concern. If it is unsafe to be on the roads where you live, please remain at home where it is safe.

**If you need the services of the daycare, please also watch WSPA channel 7 for their daycare closings. The daycare may not necessarily coincide with our hours during inclement weather.

Please mark your calendar for Thursday, December 12. Children from Mrs. Becky’s room will unite with the Eddlemon students in grades K-8 to present a Christmas program for you that evening. They have been working hard, and you won’t want to miss it. See you there!

Plan to join us Thursday, December 12 after the Christmas program for a Christmas routine by our gymnastics team as well as a time of fellowship in the gym. Please bring a finger food or dessert to share and enjoy some social time with other EAS family and friends!

Spirit Day is December 13. Get in the holiday spirit by coming to school wearing your red and green Christmas clothes. Those who choose not to participate will wear the usual EAS uniform.

Do you want a great cutlery product to give for the holidays with 20% off and 40% going to a good cause: the 7th and 8th graders? Well, go online to “RadaFundRaising.com” and order under our group: Eddlemon Adventist School. You’ll love the product and we’ll love you for helping!!

December 5, Thursday: Tacos, corn, salad bar, dirt pudding
December 6, Friday: Pizza, salad bar, fruit
December 9, Monday: Hot dogs, baked beans, French fries, salad bar, sliced peaches
December 10, Tuesday: Special K loaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrot/celery sticks, brownies
December 11, Wednesday: Haystacks, corn, chips, yellow rice, apple slices
December 12, Thursday: Macaroni & cheese, broccoli, salad bar, cookies
December 13, Friday: Pizza, salad bar, fruit
December 16, Monday: French toast sticks, breakfast links, hash browns, oranges slices
December 17, Tuesday: Spaghetti, green beans, salad bar, garlic bread, cookies
December 18, Wednesday: Subs, chips, salad bar, sliced peaches

December 7: K-8 Special Music @ SDA Church
December 12: Christmas Program @ 6:30 PM
December 13: Spirit Day (Red and Green)
December 19: End 2nd Quarter (Dismiss @ 11:30 AM)
December 20-31: Christmas Break (No School)
January 1-3: Christmas Break (No School)
January 6: 3rd Quarter Begins
January 17: SG (Dismiss 11:30 AM)
January 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
In-School Observance

Date: December 7, Saturday
Location: Spartanburg SDA Church
Event: Worship Service, 10:45 AM
Organization: K-8 Special Music

Date: December 12, Thursday
Location: Spartanburg SDA Church
Event: EAS Christmas Program, 6:30 PM
Organization: Whole School – Christmas Program

Date: December 13: EAS will be preparing the gift bags to be delivered to Midway Residential Care.

December 16, Monday Fieldtrip, grades 4-8
Location: Paradise Lane, Spartanburg

December 17, Tuesday Fieldtrip, grades 4/5
Location: Gingerbread House Competition at Omni Park Hotel, Asheville

December 18, Wednesday Fieldtrip, grades 6-8
Location: Gingerbread House Competition at Omni Park Hotel, Asheville

Date: February 22, Saturday
Location: Spartanburg SDA Church
Event: Special Music
Organization: Kids Praise/Bells (4-8)

Date: March 5,6, Thursday/Friday
Location: Mount Pisgah Academy
Event: Music Festival
Organization: Handbell Choir

Date: March 7, Saturday
Location: Spartanburg SDA Church
Event: Special Music
Organization: Major Minors/K-3 Choir

Date: April 18, Saturday
Location: Spartanburg SDA Church
Event: Worship Service, 10:45 AM
Organization: Handbell Choir/Kid’s Praise 4-8